We specialise in custom solutions for buildings already equipped with Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). Our aim is to enhance your building's sustainability and self-sufficiency in water management.

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It is crucial to have full visibility into both the quality and quantity of water usage. We understand that there can be a stigma associated with recycled water, so we've made it simple for customers to monitor the water they receive.

Our systems enable real-time and remote monitoring of key parameters such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), flow rate, pH level, turbidity, and more. This ensures maximum safety and gives customers the confidence they need in the system's performance.

Our dedicated Research and Development team is continuously exploring the latest technologies to set new standards for remote system operation in the future.

sol tank

Pre-Filtration Section of the Boson Whitewater System

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The Container / Sheet cover fabrication done for the equipment for protection of the system and compact size requirement and reducing the foot print and maximizing the efficiency, reducing the noise of pumps and lower infrastructure cost for the client.

BosonWhitewaterSystem 150kl

 Boson Whitewater System-150 KL

RMZ Installation

RMZ Installation

Boson White Water

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