Boson WhiteWater system can recover anywhere between 50-75% of potable water from the STP, however the remaining water is sent back to the STP and the system does not send any water to the drain.

The system has a waste water, however the waste water is sent back to the STP inlet at the Bar screen.

No, as long as the STP treated water is meeting the government norms of disposal, our system can take that as input and process the same.

For a 100 KLD recovery we need a space of 18 Feet x 11 Feet X 12 feet (Height)

A. We need to be given space required for the size of the system.

B. Inlet(1 Line) , Outlet (2 -Line) plumbing lines to our system
B. Inlet(1 Line) , Outlet (2 -Line) plumbing lines to our system

In Bangalore, BOSON White Water comes in 12 KL water tanker, hence the minimum quantity to be ordered is 12,000 Litres.

No, BOSON White Water system is a tertiary treatment system designed to improve the quality of the existing STP treated water to meet the BIS 10500:2012 standards. Hence the existing STP needs to be operated to meet the PCB disposal water standards.

No. Since Independent homes or smaller apartments won't have the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), setting up BOSON Whitewater System is not viable for independent homes or smaller apartments which doesn't have STP's.

Currently we are operational in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai & Coimbatore.

BOSON White Water System can be installed in any apartment where there are 200+ families living in, which has a functional Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

In case of an apartment, for 200 - 300 family apartment, BOSON White Water system requires approx. 200 square feet. For 300+ family apartment, space required will be 300 square feet.
In case of a commercial building/ Industries, To produce 50 KLD of BOSON White Water from STP treated water, space needed will be 150 - 200 Square feet, and it requires approx. 300 square feed to produce 100 KLD of BOSON White Water.

To produce 50 KLD of BOSON White Water, approx. 15-18 KWh is needed, however this may vary based on the site conditions.

Boson Whitewater

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