Malls serve as important hubs of entertainment in urban settings, drawing crowds during holidays and weekends. The essential task of maintaining cleanliness and operational efficiency falls on the management teams. Among their critical resources, water plays a pivotal role, particularly for activities such as cooling towers and landscaping features like fountains.

However, some malls encounter challenges in utilizing STP-treated water directly for flushing and cooling tower operations. As a result, they resort to expensive alternatives like purchasing freshwater via tankers or relying on costly municipal water sources.

Here's how at Boson we can support malls: 

Utilise the STP-treated water from malls, processing it through our Boson Whitewater System to produce high-quality water for cooling towers and fountains.

Benefits include:

Zero capital investment required for equipment; we handle the investment and charge for the water supplied.

Maintenance free operation to produce the water needed for cooling towers, with our team managing maintenance and upkeep of BOSON White water system.

Ensure consistent and stable water availability for cooling towers, leading to operational reliability.

Significant reduction in the need for cooling tower chemicals, resulting in cost savings.

Prolonged lifespan of cooling towers and chillers due to the use of high-quality water.

Lower water purchase costs for cooling tower operations.

Enhanced customer experience through the use of high-quality water for gardening and flushing purposes (if freshwater is currently used).

Improved aesthetics and functionality of fountain areas and other water features by utilizing water from the Boson Whitewater system.

Requirements from malls include:

Adequate space near the STP for installation.

Plumbing lines for inlet, outlet, and reject water.

Access to 3-phase power for the system's operation.

By implementing this solution, malls can achieve cost savings, operational efficiency, and an enhanced experience for visitors, all while contributing to sustainable water management practices.

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