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IT parks have become integral hubs today, attracting a significant influx of workers who often remain unaware of the intricate water management systems operating within these facilities. At Boson, here's how we can contribute to IT parks:

Utilise STP-treated water from IT parks, processing it through our Boson Whitewater System to generate high-quality water for cooling towers and fountains.

The benefits include:

No upfront capital investment required for equipment; we handle the investment and charge for the water supplied.

Maintenance-free operation for softeners and our equipment, with our team managing maintenance and upkeep.

Ensure consistent and stable water availability for cooling towers, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Significant reduction in the need for cooling tower chemicals, leading to cost savings.

Prolonged lifespan of cooling towers and chillers due to the use of high-quality water.

Lower water purchase costs for cooling tower operations.

The cost ranges between 7-10 paisa per litre of treated water. By leveraging this solution, IT parks can not only reduce cooling tower chemical expenses but also contribute to water conservation efforts, benefiting both themselves and the environment.

Requirements from IT parks include:

Sufficient space near the STP for installation.

Plumbing lines for inlet, outlet, and reject water.

Access to 3-phase power for the system's operation.

Through this collaboration, IT parks can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and play a role in sustainable water management practices.

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