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All major cities in the world is growing vertically, the majority of the vertical building are apartment complexes. As per government norms each apartment above 20 units is supposed to have STP (Sewage Treatment Plant),

however the STP treated water is not efficiently used because of the reason that the STP treated water smells and hygiene issues.

Whom can we help:

  • Apartments with STP of capacity more than 50 KLD.
  • STP treated water is not 100 percent utilized. Or STP treated water is unnecessarily emptied to garden.
  • STP treated water not utilized for flushing because of smell in the STP treated water.s
  • Apartments (>150 units) purchase water via Tankers and looking for reducing the purchase water cost.

What can we do ?

We can take the STP treated water and covert it to Potable Quality water and charge for the water supplied. Technically water is of potable quality and very much better than any purchased water,

however for the Psychological reason people if people don't use it for drinking or bathing they can use it for all other purpose.

  • Efficient use of water for Garden is not used earlier.
  • Use the water for Shallow well recharge near the existing bore-well to increase the bore-well water quantityt
  • Have a consistent water going back to the ground for recharge.
  • Become self sustainable in terms of water.
  • Become lesser dependent on tanker water purchase.

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