Malls are the only source of entertainment for our living in cities, every holiday we get we go to malls. The hard work of keeping the malls clean, efficiently function is done by the facility management team at the malls. Water is a keep resource for malls for cooling towers and flushing and landscape activities like fountain.

Some malls have issues of using STP treated water directly for Flushing and cooling tower, they end up using Fresh water purchase via Tanker or use costly municipal water for the same.

What can we do for IT Parks ?

We can take the STP treated water from the mall, process it through our Boson WhiteWater System and produce high quality water to be used for Cooling Tower and fountains. The benefits of the same are as follows:

  • No Capital investment on the equipment. We invest and we charge for the water supplied
  • No maintenance on softener or on our equipment. We maintain and manage the equipment
  • Consistent / Stable availability of Water for Cooling Tower
  • Drastic Reduction in cooling tower chemicals.r
  • Longer life of cooler towers /. Chillers
  • Reduction in Water purchase cost for Cooling tower.
  • Better experience for the client to use High Quality of Water for Garden and Flushing as well. (If the facility is using fresh water for the same).
  • Fountain Area and Water in general area can use the high quality of water from the Boson White Water system.

What is required from customer:

  • Space near the STP
  • Plumbing lines inlet, outlet and reject water lines.
  • Power - 3 Phase
  • Caution deposit of 3 months Water cost.

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