We have solutions for any building which is already having an existing usable STP. We can make your building sustainable in terms of water management

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Water flow and Treatment Cycle for apartment complexes / Layouts / Industry. For IT parks, the treated water can be used for cooling Tower. The cost of operation of cooling tower for IT parks comes down and efficiency of cooling tower improves.

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It is necessary to know the quality and quantity of water being used. Recycling water is associated with stigma of usage of water, hence we make it easy for customers to monitor the quality of water they get. Parameters like TDS (Total dissolved Solids), Flow, pH, Turbidity and few other parameters can be monitored real time and remotely to ensure maximum safety and confidence to the customer on the systems performance. Our RD team is work on best of the technologies available to create new bench marks for remote operation of the system in future.

Realtime Water Monitoring

Pre-Filtration Section of the Boson WhiteWater System

The Container / Sheet cover fabrication done for the equipment for protection of the system and compact size requirement and reducing the foot print and maximizing the efficiency, reducing the noise of pumps and lower infrastructure cost for the client.