Cities are starting to exhaust water from the bore-well, the water which has been there for millions of years is being extracted at an alarming rate. The cost of water is also increasing at an alarming rate.

What should we do as a city to sustain ? We have a solution - Boson WhiteWater. Isreal / Singapore / Namibia / California / Texas implement these solutions to become sustainable.

Namibia has been using recycling water for the past 48 years and we all know about Singapore story on recycling water. As a city, the government has mandated STP,

Municipal Water Supply Average Cost per lts Borewell - Pumping Cost Tanker Purchase Water per lts. 6000 Lts tanker cost between Rs.350 to 2000 Rain Water Boson WhiteWater
Cost per lts 4 Paise - 23 Paise 1-2 Paise 7 Paise - 33 Paise Free 7-10 paise
Report Provided NO NO NO NO YES
Treated NO / Sometimes NO NO NO / Basic YES
Monitoring NO NO NO NO YES
Cost Varies based on slabs Constant when available Varies drastically Free Fixed for agreed duration and planned variation.
Availability Not Reliable Not Reliable Not Reliable Not Reliable Reliable
Usability Barrier None None None Sometimes Heavy
Sustainable NO NO NO NO YES
Capex Yes to get connection YES NO Not much NO
Quality Fair Bad Bad Fair Good